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Winx Club games have been released for the Play Station 2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows.Most of the Winx Club games are published by Konami; Winx Club: Believix in You was published by Namco Bandai Games as well as Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party was published by D3Publisher.However, Stella often makes light of sensitive matters which Musa doesn't wish to discuss, so there occasionally is discord between them.There's no sign of that when they do a duet together at Musa's debut concert!In Italy, Mondo Home Entertainment released the first two seasons with both Italian and English audio tracks, the English audio being Cinélume's dub.In 2007, 01 Distribution released the third season on DVD, but these discs contained the Italian audio only.Target has an exclusive Ecnhantix Flora, Stella, and Bloom vs. Jakks Pacific announced that the Harmonix dolls will be shipped to retailors and the end of November 2012 with an aimed release date of January 2013.The Sirenix dolls will be released in Fall 2013 along with the Sirenix Trix.

Jakks Pacific made a Charmix Stella, Flora, and Bloom doll exclusive to Toys'r'us along with a Bloom Sophix and Sky 2- Pack, Bloom and her Scooter set, and the Winx pets stuffed plush.In the United States, 4Kids Entertainment held the licensing rights to the series until their licence expired in 2009, they had no more plans to make any more episodes for the show.In Singapore, bags, clothing and similar items are available.The Winx Club dolls are the "third most popular dolls in the world" and merchandise sales are over 1 billion euros per year as of 2007.In the summer of 2012, Winx Club dolls produced by Jakks Pacific starting hitting shelves ahead of its Fall 2012 release date.

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