Why do married men get on dating sites Adult webcam in bellarus

Online dating sites have created a wily playground for scammers, romance artists and married men (and women) who secretly cheat on their spouses.

Married men create phony profiles and present themselves as single men looking for love, commitment and marriage.

I saved a man’s emails for future reference; a liar will eventually contradict himself.

I called him in the evening to see if he would answer his phone and I didn’t buy into his flimsy excuses.

You call him and he doesn’t answer and he waits a day or two to return your call, or he emails you saying, sorry he missed your call but he was in a meeting, he has bad reception on his phone, blah, blah, blah.Either he meet in person to see if there is a connection, or you’re off to bigger, better game.The one thing I have come to know about married men who cheat (on and off online) is: they are uber-confident and uber-charming.It is a sad, soul-crushing place where good guys go to die a slow death by way of ignored messages and empty inboxes.You will peruse profiles and find a few women who aren’t posing in a bathroom with their stomachs exposed.

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