What am i doing wrong in dating

Women tend to blame themselves thinking it must be them.

You take on the blame easily but there is often no need.

That’s the thing about understanding men in these situations – it can’t be done. ” Instead of wasting time trying to understand and wondering what you did wrong, think about what you learned and move on. Hold your head high and move on knowing none of these men have been the right man for you.

The same goes for women from a man’s perspective, trust me. If any of them had been “The One” they’d never let you go. Here are some things to think about, just in case there is room for improvement: Think back to your most recent dates and honestly assess if you have done any of the above or maybe quite a few.

Maybe there was that one woman who dumped a drink on your head at the bar when you were trying to strike up a conversation.You are also getting to hone your dating skills and this CAN BUILD CONFIDENCE even if these men don’t continue to see you.Just keep reminding yourself that you are one man closer to your dream of love. Champagne Why does he not cut you lose when you asked him a direct question?Some men have highly bruised egos or a sadistic streak trying to get even with women and need lots of women “on the line” who text or call and hope he’ll pick them.I’m sure there are other potential reasons and I could go on.

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