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If you read the research and media stories on video game addiction, you may believe that it is only something that happens to teenage boys and single men in their twenties.

Unfortunately though, many people (from teenagers all the way to those in their 60s) find themselves in relationships with boyfriends or husbands who are addicted to video games.

However, this usually develops naturally from a mutual, pre-existing interest in video games, and not from one partner who is desperately trying to be noticed and valued in the relationship.

TRUE FALSE9) Other people have commented that my boyfriend or husband plays video games too much.

TRUE FALSE10) My husband or boyfriend often eats meals while playing computer games rather than taking a break to eat.

TRUE FALSE7) My husband or boyfriend no longer participates in sports or activities he once enjoyed and now devotes most of his time to video games.

TRUE FALSE8) When I ask my husband or boyfriend stop playing and spend time with me (even if he has already been playing for hours) he gets angry or irritable.

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