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It's blank-verse, so it doesn't rhyme, and it's broken up into ten books.Actually, later editions of it broke it into 12 to try to mimic The Aeneid, which is the Latin poet Virgil's major work.It's important that it's the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - it's not just like, the Tree of Sex or the Tree of Whatever. It's kind of analogous to Satan's pursuit of his own independence - it's kind of another form of that.Satan tricks Eve into disobeying, and she also - and Adam and everyone else - is punished for their pride in wanting to be like God, essentially - wanting to have God's knowledge.' Well, you saw what he did with just a little tiny bit of Satan in Hell - he does that all over the place. He's a rebellious angel, and though he has proof otherwise, he rejects the idea that all of creation comes from God. For this - for disobeying God and, more importantly, for his pride and arrogance - he's thrown out of Heaven, along with everyone else who agreed with him, that maybe they should be their own creators instead of just bowing down to God's will.He doesn't like that because he wants to be his own creator. This drama essentially plays out again with Adam and Eve because they can have anything they want on Earth as long as they don't eat this tree - as long as they obey God and they don't seek knowledge on their own.He made people think, and he's going to make us think. As we mentioned, Paradise Lost was published in 1667.

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.But, in case (as would be totally understandable and was for me when I read Paradise Lost) you need a little brushing up on your Western religious traditions, we're going to give a little brief outline of what actually goes down in Paradise Lost.The poem begins shortly after Satan and his allies have rebelled against their creator, and they have been cast out of Heaven. Milton spends a lot of time giving these wonderful, long descriptions of Hell and Satan hanging out in it.Centuries after its initial publication (so, like, now), critics are still arguing about the most basic aspects of the work, which is fitting - all of his writing inspired controversy.Probably not as much as Paradise Lost, but that's the kind of dude he was.

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