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Chemistry has to be there but intimacy only once connection is made at levels beyond physical.

At first you would be interested to do some old fashion dating and take time getting to know each other as friends.

Romance & love are supposed to be beautiful, rewarding, & selfless.

A partner able to find our way not just through the ways we are alike but also through our differences. How about some long, meaningful, (or meaningless for that matter) conversations. I have never used a dating app as i don't ofter use the computer outside of school. I love being outdoors, volunteering and spontanious adventures.This ensures a better chance at developing a lasting relationship because it's built on more than merely attraction and chemistry.We believe in the quality of the introduction rather than the quantity.I'm mostly silly and humorous, but I can be serious when needed. QUALITIES: So, It is very hard to explain myself for me because I’m quite a shy ,calm, polite,flexible,friendly in 2nd or 3rd round and cool type of girl .I like people who inspire me, and people who aspire to be the best versions of themselves. I love hilarity, dancing, and spending Sundays in bed or running down a mountain. I can be silent, less talkative with people in the first meet but I like to listen them carefully so that I could better understand ‘em .

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