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Evolutionists say Homo sapiens came into existence 200,000 to 400,000 years ago (depending on which evolutionist you consult, because they do not all agree on what a Homo sapiens is).Can we harmonize that with the teaching of God’s Word?John Collins,18 Norman Geisler,19 and Ronald Youngblood.20 In this chapter I will present some of the reasons for concluding that these great scholars were wrong on this important point and have thereby misled many pastors and lay people.Before attempting to determine the date of Adam’s creation, I want to make a few more comments about the historicity of Genesis to supplement and complement the arguments in previous chapters.But this claimed parallelism only works if one overlooks the details of the text.The heavenly bodies made on day 4 were placed in the expanse, which was made on day 2 (not day 1).There are many more serious exegetical problems with the framework view.23 Third, Genesis 1–11 has the same characteristics of historical narrative as Genesis 12–50, most of Exodus, much of Numbers, Joshua, 1 and 2 Kings, etc.Genesis 1–11 describes real people by name, real events in their lives, real places and geographical areas by name,24 real times (days, months, years25), etc.

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It is far more than history, for it teaches theology, morality, and redemption, and those truths are vitally important.The early chapters of Genesis are not poetry,21 a series of parables or prophetic visions, or mythology.The chapters recount God’s acts in time-space history: acts of creation, providence, and redemption.But those who hold to the Framework view claim there is a different kind of parallelism in Genesis 1 that should lead us to conclude that Genesis 1 is not straightforward history.They say that days 1–3 describe the created space and days 4–6 discuss the creatures that fill those spaces, where day 1 is linked to day 4, day 2 to day 5, and day 3 to day 6.

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