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Indeed, the Kenyattas and the Odingas have held the country in a political paralysis precipitated by the struggle for power and perpetual feuds dating back to the 1960s.

Latter day Johnny-come-lately, Ruto and Musyoka, not quite oozing the class pedigree that comes with old money, are angling to create their own political dynasties through their sons, and new money.

Political observers intimated to that what Kenyans are observing is ‘political socialization’ where the voting public gets used to these sons being in the public limelight such that when an official government appointment comes calling, the public hardly gets surprised.

It is part of the ‘political drilling’ through public relations.

Pretty unlike the hitherto unexposed, and whose infertile thrills at the trapping of political power, reveals all the rough edges of their social class wrapped under ill-fitting imported suits, including skirt and trouser suits.

Being groomed also means rubbing shoulders with continental figures as was evidence when Uhuru Kenyatta and the First Lady took their sons with them to the Entebbe State House in Kampala Uganda to meet President Yoweri Museveni in August 2015.

Muhoho’s latest appearance on national TV, came a week after his sister, Ngina Kenyatta, made news after joining her mother, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, on a charitable and vote-hunt outing in West Pokot where they were captured threshing maize and walking dusty village foot paths.

In 2016, Muhoho and his elder brother, Jomo, attended a fundraising in Narok where they donated Sh1 million in aid of women groups.

The latest show that set the social media alight is the introduction of baby-faced Muhoho Kenyatta at a high profile political rally in Nandi by Deputy President, William Ruto last Sunday.

The budding fashion designer whose only claim to fame was news that he had launched a ‘kitenge suits ‘ fashion line the previous year, has been trending on social media after displaying his Kiswahili skills that would do with a bit of polishing in night classes.

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