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Because of Judith's pale hair and silver eyes, they are recognized as heirs of the exiled king and help to overthrow the evil ruler who has taken over the land.

I'm afraid I do not know the title the reader is searching for, but Bread and Jam for Francis is about a little girl badger that only wants to eat jam sandwiches. One of the toys gets caught under the bed, one falls in a toybox, I think. I was looking for my copy last night so I could check whether it's the one where she finds valuablefurniture and china stored away in the attic, but couldn't locate it.This is where the story gets fuzzy, but I know it is a ghost story. (there's a boy and a girl in this one, but they aren't siblings.Molly moves into a converted church with her mother, stepfather and younger stepsister Heather. The girl had long pale hair and her eyes were reflective silver, like a cat's. The girl gets a silver crown on her birthday, which leads to a whole quest to find its meaning.She quickly tires of bread and jam and longs for variety in her diet. That book is about Francis being a picky eater, so her mother gives in and just gives her bread and jam for every meal.The stumper requester is looking for a different book! In that book, Frances only wants bread and jam to eat because it is so wonderful, and so she begins to have it served to her at every meal. In that book, Frances only wants to eat bread and jam for every meal until her parents gently convince her to eat other things. After a few days of this, she realizes "What I am, is tired of jam". In that book, Frances refuses to eat anything but bread and jam, and her parents indulge her ... No baby brother (Frances has a baby SISTER, Gloria), no pillow fight, no feathers. Possibly Wait for What Will Come by Barbara Michaels.

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