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'I am a firm believer that Hanna's Radiant book is the answer.'She admitted it is 'very hard' to get her young child to follow the diet consistently because she wants what she sees other people eating.

'I'd be lying if I said we were perfect and didn't stray from Hannah's book. 'When we do give her something off her diet she will start getting a few spots almost right away.' 'I must get at least 20 plus messages a week via various social networks with stories, pictures and lovely messages from people who have been inspired and helped.

(This is the first and only time in my life I didn’t want to eat the cookie dough.) Take the mushy chunks and form them into little patties of sadness.

'Charlie has always been a easy going and loving little girl but wow, she now has her life back. 'The closest thing we will get to a flair would be a few tiny red bumps on her neck or back, which we relate those to when we gave her a piece of pizza or she had ice cream one day.

'I would say that it took a good month for her to get all of the bad food out of her system.

She now says after following Hanna's diet she 'has her life back'.

Hanna said when she was 35, her skin problems and general health has reached a low point.

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