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This would add thousands of dollars to her tax burden.This example is extreme — most graduate schools’ tuition fees are closer to ,000 — but it is safe to say that many students could see their tax rate rise.Students who attend public universities outside their home states would be especially hard hit: out of state, tuition can cost double what it does in-state.The bill would also eliminate a tax benefit that allows people with low incomes to deduct student-loan interest from their taxable income.

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Students and other people who are above the poverty line, but on low-to-middle incomes, are likely to shoulder much of the burden.

The loss of talented graduate students would be a blow to universities and industries that depend on scientists with higher degrees, and to science overall.

The Trump administration and other Republicans in Congress are probably not trying to discourage graduate study or undermine science.

The 429-page tax plan — which President Trump reportedly tried to christen the “Cut, Cut, Cut Act” because it would ostensibly shrink taxes for many — would require students to report tuition-fee waivers as taxable income, moving the students into a higher tax bracket.

Graduate students, who receive the lion’s share of tuition waivers, would be most affected.

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