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Pierced lugs occurred briefly between 4th and 3rd century BC. Volute, Early Imperial: With spiral, scroll-like ornaments (volutes) extending from their nozzles, these lamps were predominantly produced in Italy during the Early Roman period.

They have a wide discus, a narrow shoulder and no handle, elaborate imagery and artistic finishing, and a wide range of patterns of decoration. The shoulder is wider and the discus is smaller with fewer decorations.

The lug may act as a small handle where the thumb rests. It was speculated that pierced lugs were used to place a pen or straw, called the acus or festuca, with which the wick was trimmed.

Others think that the pierced lugs were used to hang the lamp with a metal hook when not in use.

Therefore, oil lamps of today are primarily used for the particular ambience they produce.

It may be just an opening in the body of the lamp, or an elongated nozzle. The most common is a ring shaped for the forefinger surmounted by a palmette, on which the thumb is pressed to stabilize the lamp.

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The handleless lamps usually have an elongated nozzle, and sometimes have a lug rising diagonally from the periphery.The oil lamp and its light were important household items, and this may explain their symbolism. The oil lamp and its light also became important ritualistic articles with the further development of Jewish culture and its religion.The Temple Menorah, a ritual seven-branched oil lamp used in the Second Temple, forms the centre of the Chanukah story and centers on the story of the miracle of the oil: During the cleansing of the Second Temple in Jerusalem after its looting, the lamp was supposed to burn continuously, forever, but there was only oil enough for one day, and no more oil would be available for eight days.Starting in 1780, the Argand lamp quickly replaced other oil lamps still in their basic ancient form.These in turn were replaced by the kerosene lamp in about 1850.

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