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You’re delusional if you think David Gandy looks british. Log in to Reply @ tux I dont believe the average height in Spain is higher than in UK.

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Most aren’t descended from Anglo saxons and the Vikings had little genetic influence on Britain.

in to Reply People say that because Gandy looks atypical for British but pretty typical for an Italian or Spaniard.

I found an Italian Gandy look-alike without even trying.

Below all other Northern European countries and central ones like Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary etc. Britain is only 177cm in height the shortest country in northern europe. Italy exluding Sicily are just about as tall as the British.

David Gandy is darker than most Italians in central or north Italy as he is with Spanish however he looks more Italian than he does British. Most Italian immigrants in Britain are comparable in height to Britons. Gandy has olive skin, olive skin is not a northern european trait.

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