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He was placed in a cell with George "Bud" Day, a badly injured and tortured Air Force pilot (later awarded the Medal of Honor) and Norris Overly, another Air Force pilot; they did not expect Mc Cain to live another week. an anti-American propaganda "confession" that said, in part, "I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate.Unknown to the POWs, in April 1968, Jack Mc Cain was named Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Command (CINCPAC) effective in July, stationed in Honolulu and commander of all U. I almost died, and the Vietnamese people saved my life, thanks to the doctors." There were momentary exceptions: on one occasion, a guard surreptitiously loosened Mc Cain's painful rope bindings for a night; when, months later, the guard later saw Mc Cain on Christmas Day, he stood next to Mc Cain and silently drew a cross in the dirt with his foot.His operations off the Philippines and Okinawa, and air strikes against Formosa and the Japanese home islands, caused tremendous destruction of Japanese naval and air forces in the closing period of the war.He later wrote, "The repeated farewells to friends rank among the saddest regrets of a childhood constantly disrupted by the demands of my father's career...He earned a reputation as a party man, as he drove a Corvette, dated an exotic dancer named "Marie the Flame of Florida", spent all his free time on the beach or in a Bachelor Officer Quarters room turned bar and friendly gambling den, and, as he later said, "generally misused my good health and youth".

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In all candor, we thought our civilian commanders were complete idiots who didn't have the least notion of what it took to win the war." Mc Cain helped crewmen throw unexploded bombs overboard off the hangar deck elevator, then went to Forrestal's ready room and with other pilots watched the ensuing fire and the fire-fighting efforts on the room's closed-circuit television. But I always had trouble with the regimentation." On October 25, Mc Cain successfully attacked the Phúc Yên Air Base north of Hanoi through a barrage of anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missile fire; credited with destroying one aircraft on the ground and damaging two, the raid would garner him the Air Medal.

He married the former Carol Shepp in 1965; he adopted two children from her previous marriage and they had another child together.

As a naval aviator, Mc Cain flew attack aircraft from carriers.

On Christmas Eve 1968, a church service for the POWs was staged for photographers and film cameras; Mc Cain defied North Vietnamese instructions to be quiet, speaking out details of his treatment then shouting "Fu-u-u-u-ck you, you son of a bitch!

" and giving the finger whenever a camera was pointed at him.

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