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This website has been designed to be both informational and commercial.

If you are in a hurry, and just want to shop, try our page.

It has a complete product list, roll-over image links, links to product descriptions and a display of the shopping cart.

If you prefer a more leisurely and informational browse we invite you to explore all of our product pages. Much research has gone into explaning of the sacred meanings of the Buddhist Symbols found on these pages. has been designing and printing Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags since 1974.

Because the symbols and mantras on these prints are sacred, we ask that they be treated with the traditional Tibetan respect - please do not place them on the ground or use them in articles of clothing.

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We also offer high quality but reasonably priced Tibetan thangkas, thick cotton Buddhist Symbol wall hangings and a new line of embroidered “Dharma Caps.” We are dedicated to offering the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Most of us here at the Radiant Heart Studios are Tibetans.

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The sales of our products helps support our extended families and we try to donate much of our profits to Tibetan social, cultural, religious and political causes.

Our prayer flags and Dharma prints are hand printed on high quality 100% cotton fabric with non-toxic, colorfast textile paints.

Buddhists added their own texts to increase the power of the flags.

There are ancient symbols, prayers and mantras for generating compassion, health, wish fulfillment, and for overcoming diseases, natural disasters and other obstacles.

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