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Adicionalmente, usted tendrá la oportunidad de profundizar en diferentes temas como: la novela del dictador, las particularidades de la nueva novela histórica, las influencias literarias del autor, el tema de la vejez, entre otras.Finalmente, al profundizar en el universo narrativo de García Márquez después de Macondo, usted se dejará seducir por la riqueza de su lenguaje y entenderá por qué este escritor es considerado uno de los grandes genios literarios de todos los tiempos. Juvenal Urbino del Calle, the District of the Viceroy's oldest and most esteemed physician, examines the naked corpse of his friend and most challenging competitor at chess, Jeremiah de Saint-Amour, who commits suicide by inhaling gold cyanide vapors.Saint-Amour lies stiff and bluish on his cot, beside his Great Dane, who is also dead.Urbino knows that Saint-Amour's death by cyanide is not accidental.Saint-Amour had worked as a renowned photographer of children, and possessed extensive knowledge of chemicals. Urbino had discovered a note nailed to Saint-Amour's street door, instructing him to enter and inform the police.He sees that Saint-Amour was going to be defeated in only four moves, and thinks that if the death had been criminal, the game would provide a good clue.

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Although he is rarely anguished by the deaths of his patients, Dr.

Urbino feels an aching in his heart for the death of his old friend.

Urbino uses his power to persuade the inspector to forgo routine legal procedures so that Saint-Amour, an "atheistic saint," may be buried that same afternoon, on Pentecost.

Urbino notes that two unusual events have occurred on this Pentecost: the death of a friend and the silver anniversary of one of his medical pupils. Urbino notices an unfinished chess game on Saint-Amour's desk.

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